mc2 Motion Media

We are a full service production company, providing state-of-the-art creative solutions worldwide from our studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Your pilgrimage for the "it" factor has taken you further up the ladder. Welcome home.

Forget Einstein

Here's the real equation:  mc2 + Motion = HyperCreativity

Concept to Completion

From idea to execution, we can help.

Reach, Captivate and Move your audience.

Your success is our top priority. In all that we do, our goal is for your intensions to resonate through our work. Without that passion, an army of fancy cameras, flashy lights and complicated computer programs won't make the difference. You can trust us to exceed your expectations while delivering on time and within budget.

mc2 Motion Media

Energy in motion results in the ultimate production solution.

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Our Mission

To completely understand your expections and subsequently exceed them by a factor of mc2.

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